Ivan K. Clements, Jr., P.A.
Attorney at Law


Ivan K. Clements, Jr., P.A. offers mediation services in family law or civil proceedings, and has rooms available.  

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary and informal process. As a Mediator, Ivan K. Clements, Jr. has no authority to make decisions, impose settlements, or require concessions by any party. His goal is to facilitate discussions and assist in the negotiation process so that you can reach a mutually acceptable resolution. Confidentiality is a cornerstone of the Mediation process. Ivan K. Clements, Jr. will treat all information provided during the Mediation as confidential pursuant to Florida Statutes and Florida Rules for Mediators.

Mediation Fees

 The Mediation fees are based upon an hourly rate. This fee will be divided equally between both parties, unless the court has ordered otherwise or you both agree to an alternative arrangement. There is no charge for travel time to any Mediation site in Volusia County, but this is a charge for travel time outside of Volusia County at my hourly rate. There is no charge for cancelling the Mediation, nor a charge before Mediation has occurred.

Contact Ivan K. Clements, Jr., P.A. to schedule mediation for any family or civil law matter.