Ivan K. Clements, Jr., P.A.
Attorney at Law


Ivan K. Clements, Jr., P.A. works with the Family or Personal Representative to settle the estate after the death of a loved one. This includes accounting for all assets, paying all proper debts, distributing all assets, and probate litigation.
Suffering through the death of a loved one is difficult enough without having to enter the complicated and technical Probate system. Probate is the Court process by which the assets and debts of a person are dealt with after that person’s death. There are many technical rules that govern probate and the assistance of qualified legal counsel is almost always necessary.

Allow Ivan K. Clements, Jr., P.A. to help you through this difficult process. Ivan K. Clements, Jr. is experienced and qualified to assist you with:

» Probate Administration
» Probate Litigation
» Trust Administration
» Trust Litigation
» Power of Attorney Abuse
» Will Contests

Contact Ivan K. Clements, Jr., P.A. if you have any questions and need legal help regarding probate.